Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Iranian Tomato and Cucumber Salad

The yumminess that goes into the salad, I ended up using cherry tomatoes that we had left in the refrigerator because all of the tomatoes in the picture below were mealy. I hate mealy tomatoes!

I am not a huge radish fan and I was tempted to leave them out but I am glad that I didn't. So if you are thinking of leaving them out don't do it! They give a nice bite to the salad.

Throw it all on a pretty plate and you're finished! I always love a recipe that I don't have to do much to make look nice in a photo. This didn't need a garnish or fancy camera angles. It's just a pretty, healthy and delicious salad!

You can find the recipe here.


  1. I made the Iranian Tomato Cucumber Salad the other day for lunch and it was delicious. My husband even liked it. Thank You for the recipe

  2. mamacooks- I am glad you enjoyed it and you're welcome! Thanks for letting me know how it turned out.